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  • Success Stories

    Regional HQ Lease
    Situation DFA leased 70,000 SF, and needed to downsize High cost to relocate Rental rates in Santa Monica were spiking DFA occupies a highly-desirable building Operational Solution Strategic plans for...
  • Success Stories

    Coastal Fertility
    Challenge Coastal Fertility had outgrown its space, and required a contemporary, high-image facility to reflect its corporate image and compete more successfully for patients. It was critical to secure a...
  • Success Stories

    Challenge Open X engaged Workspace Advisors when it was located in a portion of a converted horse carriage garage in Pasadena on a sublease basis. Premises was completely dysfunctional for...
  • Success Stories

    All3 Media
    Situation A3M has 6 different production companies in Los Angeles, and each occupied a stand-alone individual office space The offices were located throughout West Los Angeles and Burbank Redundant office...

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Our Process

Our three-step process provides commercial real estate options that meet your business’s specific needs. Our team of local tenant representation advisors provides project management and advocacy throughout the rental, lease or purchase process.

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Step One
Search all available office space or request a free property survey.
Local commercial real estate market research, analysis and insider information.
Discover the perfect Plug & Play workspace for your business.
Step Two
Trusted, professional commercial real estate negotiators dedicated to you, not the landlord.
Take advantage of our negotiating expertise to secure the best deal.
Secure maximum cost-savings, concessions and flexible contracts.
Step Three
Save time and money while we manage the entire process for free.
Fast, convenient transition to your perfect, affordable new workspace.
Want more savings? We can even coordinate your office space move!